Response to the article “8 Keys to Blogging Success”

8 03 2011

Read a blog about the 8 keys to blogging success from:

The article touches on how blogging has become an important way for a business to be successful, as blogs have changed their position in society, even being recognized by national publications. It follows by going into the 8 Keys

1-Be passionate: I agree 100% by this. There’s no reason why I’d want to read a blog about something, regardless of the subject, by somehow who is “faking it” or just writing it to write it. The more personally involved or interested you are on the subject matter, the better you’re going to be at writing about it. Readers will be able to tell your passionate about the material so you’re writing will showcase this, and the read will be more enjoyable and enriching. For instance, I wouldn’t want to read an blog about karate by a person that has only seen the Karate kid or is just writing it because it’s their job and they’re paid to do so.

2-Are You Patient: Agree, just because you post content, if you don’t put yourself out there and interact with people, they aren’t going to know about it. You could have the best content ever written, but if no one knows it exists, then what value does it hold to you and your brand? Little to none. Might as well have kept it to yourself and not put it out there. So go get out there and repost your content so you can share and actively engage with others and your content will get talked about and so fourth.

3-Are You Clear: I agree, you shouldn’t write in a context that is going to be over people’s to speak. By writing in such a specific tone, you’re limiting your contents reach. Maybe people would like to engage with you, or have some interesting things to say, or could help extend your network but you’re written in a tone that forces your content to be restricted..why would you want this? Not saying you should come off as un-intelligent or boring, but just write in a sense that can appeal to a larger range of people as opposed to a smaller one.

4-Are you brave? I think this is very important when dealing with blogging, or any type of social media for that matter. People are going to talk, regardless of whether you give them a place to do it or not. With social media, it allows you to see what people are saying, who is saying, and ways to respond and perhaps mend that relationship or strengthen it. The way that you interact with these people can also be viewed by others and allow you to strengthen your brand further since they’re seeing how situations are handled. With regards to blogs, if you are putting yourself out there, especially with opinions, people are going to potentially disagree. Being able to engage in communication and her new insights can possibly give way to new ideas, or just things that hadn’t necessarily been thought of before. I mean there are going to be those that just bash and try and tear you down since they’re hiding behind their computer screen, but the amount of “real” communication you can get and knowledge obtained is well worth the occasional “internet bully.”  Further, if you’re not comfortable with the content your posting…why are you posting in the first place? Keep it to yourself.

5- Are you seasoned? I agree with this, but have a couple differing viewpoints. I agree that you shouldnt be putting your content out there and opinion on the subject unless you know what you’re talking about. It can come off as pretentious and foolish if you’re telling people about something you have little to no knowledge on. Now if you’re just posting blog content hoping to get responses and learn from others, then I dont see a big problem in having to be “seasoned” to post things. I think it all is defined by the situation though, and the type of content youre even posting, but as an overall blog, especially a personal blog, if you’re looking to learn and grow, post things and see what you can learn and pick up a long the way. DONT copy others but LEARN and IMPROVE.

6-Are you helpful? This key point I agreed with but didn’t really spark much for me. Of course if you post content, people are going to potentially reply, and ask questions, especially if you’re knowledgable on the subject. You should and hopefully be willing to respond and try you’re best to help. If you fail to do so, or don’t like the idea, you should probably get off social networks since you lack social skills or dislike the idea of socializing. Perhaps writing a personal journal or books is the way to go instead..user generated content is a negative in those situations.

7- Are you organized? I really liked this part. The blogs I like to follow are the ones that are updated frequently, and always have something new to check out. After following a blog long enough, I’ll have an idea of when to check back, whether its automated or not. I don’t really like the idea of someone having their content being automated to post if they’re going to be busy or out of town, since I feel like they’re not posting the content for the joy of posting it, they’re doing it because they feel obligated to. However, if they’re still able to respond and connect with the responders, then I don’t really have a problem with it. They might be shorter on time and not be able to blog about it, but they might have time to respond. I’m also less likely to follow a blog if the content is posted randomly. It’s annoying to say the least.

8-Are You Focused? YES YES YES. Do not run a blog or post about something that isn’t going to drive you to continue with the blogging. If you’re posting on a subject that interests you, you’re going to be more inclined to keep posting, write better, and engage with the responders.

This was my response to what that blog provided as the 8 keys to blogging success. It was a good read and this was my first article response since I graduated…maybe I miss school? Or maybe I want to get my content out there and learn more 🙂





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